Webinar Recordings & Presentations

To further assist you in the certification process, we have provided links to previous webinar recordings and presentations that supply information relevant to all aspects of our program. If you were unable to attend one of our online presentations, this is a great opportunity to learn about what you missed. Webinars are listed by action category.

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Arts & Culture

Creating Creative Communities

May 2020

The Art of Sustainability - Creative Placemaking and Your Community

July 2017

Creative Placemaking: Connecting Community, Culture and Economic Development

April 2014



Community Revitalization through Brownfieds

October 2019


Certification & Recertification

Strategizing for Success: Actions to Help Your Town Get Certified

August 2021

Sustainable Jersey Tag Teams

May 2021

    Sustainability Champions

    May 2021

        2021 Certification Webinar

        April 2021

        Countdown to Certification

        June 2020

        2020 Certification Cycle Changes Webinar

        April 2020

        Making a Game Plan For Getting Certified

        February 2020

        Moving Up to Silver Certification

        February 2020

        Stay in the Game! Strategize Your Recertification

        February 2020

        What's New in 2020? Program Updates Webinar

        February 2020

        Priority Actions

        August 2019


        Community Partnership & Outreach

        Census Happy Hour

        May 2020

        Green Team 2.0: Building Your Capacity & Promoting Your Team

        March 2020

        2020 Census Webinar: Earn Points by Making Sure Your Community Counts

        February 2020




        Community Energy Plan Grants: A Primer

        December 2021

        Reducing Carbon Footprint of Municipal and School Fleets

        June 2021

        Join the EVolution

        May 2021

        Show Me the Data

        May 2021

        Reducing the Energy Burden: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for All

        May 2021

        Too Good to be True? Reducing Energy Costs with Community Solar 

        December 2020

        EDF Fellows Present: The ‘Getting Started’ Guide to Energy Actions

        July 2020

        Renewable Government Energy Aggregation (R-GEA)

        July 2020

        Adding EVs to Your Municipal Fleet and Community

        June 2020

        Sustainable Energy Communities

        June 2020

        Million$ Available Now to Fund the EV Revolution in Your NJ Community

        May 2020

        Case Studies from New Jersey's Community Solar Energy Pilot Program Year 1

        May 2020

        Community Energy Efficiency Outreach Made Easier with Sustainable Jersey Toolkits

        May 2020

        Tracking GHG Emissions from Municipal Operations

        May 2020

        Energy Actions To-Go

        April 2020

        Residential Energy Efficiency Outreach Campaigns: A Guide for Municipalities and Green Teams

        December 2019

        Getting Started on Energy Actions: Funding and Incentives from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program

        November 2019

        Getting Started on Energy Actions: How Energy Savings Improvement Plans Fund Energy Upgrades

        November 2019

        Planning Solar to Serve the Whole Community

        October 2019

        Navigating the Community Solar Application

        May 2019

        Community Solar by Municipalities

        January 2019

        Community Solar in New Jersey

        December 2018

        Strategically Maximizing the Energy Efficiency of Your Building Portfolio

        August 2018

        Success Stories in Residential Energy Efficiency

        May 2018

        Success Stories in Commercial Energy Efficiency

        April 2018

        Going for Bronze, Silver, or Gold? Success Stories in Municipal Energy Efficiency

        March 2018

        Alternative Fuel Vehicles for Municipalities and Schools

        January 2018

        Opportunities for Adopting EVs in Municipal Fleets: A Primer

        November 2017

        Commit Your Town to Climate Progress: Go for the Sustainable Jersey Gold Star in Energy

        June 2017

        What You Need to Know about Changes to the Energy Actions

        March 2017

        Applying for the Sustainable Jersey Solar Challenge

        August 2016

        Lesson from the Field: EDF Climate Corps Fellows Document Municipal and School Progress in Sustainable Jersey

        August 2016

        Get Plugged In: Actions and Incentives to Encourage Electric Vehicles

        July 2016

        Pathways & Incentives to Financing Clean Energy

        July 2016

        Sustainable Jersey Solar Challenge

        July 2016

        Benchmarking Energy and Water Use to Reduce Costs

        September 2015

        Show Me the Money: Learn How to Finance Your Building Upgrades Through Energy Savings

        June 2015

        Energy Savings Improvement Plans (ESIPs): Learn How to Finance Your Building Upgrades Through Energy Savings

        April 2014


        Grants Program

        2021 Energy Grant Cycle Informational Webinar

        October 2021

        2021 PSEG Grant Cycle Informational Webinar

        March 2021

        Local Public Information & Engagement Planning Opportunity Informational Webinar

        June 2020

        2021 Sustainable Communities Grant Program

        May 2021

        Fund Your Next Sustainability Initiative

        May 2020

        How to Close Out Your $2,000 Grant

        April 2020

        Roots for Rivers Reforestation Grant & Technical Assistance Program

        October 2019

        2019 Energy Grant Cycle Informational Webinar

        September 2019

        Improve Your Odds: Tips to Strengthen Your Grant Proposal

        April 2019


        Health & Wellness

        Health Gold: New Actions to Increase Access to Healthy Food

        October 2021

        Health Gold: New Actions to Reduce Exposure to Lead

        October 2021

        Health Gold: New Actions to Build a Culture of Health in Municipal Government

        September 2021

        Spotlight: Gold Star in Health

        September 2021

        Tobacco Free Community Designation: How to Earn Points & Create a Healthier Community

        July 2021

        Protecting Drinking Water: New Sustainable Jersey Actions

        April 2020

        Healthy Decisions - Healthy Communities

        January 2016

        Air Quality and Asthma Solutions: EPA's Air Quality Flag Program

        October 2015




        Land Use & Transportation

        The Complete & Green Streets Doctor is "In"

        May 2021

        Complete Street Technical Assistance

        June 2018

        How Effective Parking Management Helps Create Livable Communities

        August 2015



        Local Economies

        Helping Your Local Businesses to be More Sustainable

        September 2017

        Support Local Businesses

        July 2014



        Natural Resources

        Enhance Community Water Resources Through Water Gold

        May 2021

        Leveraging Your Sustainable Jersey Efforts to Highlight the Importance of Water Quality Production

        April 2015

        Easement Stewardship: Inventorying, Maintaining, and Conserving Easements in Your Municipality

        October 2014

        Water Conservation Strategies for Municipalities and Community Organizations

        March 2014


        Public Information & Engagement

        Running Effective Virtual Public Meetings

        April 2020

        Tech Helps Build Communities

        January 2017


        Waste Management

        Maximizing Your Waste Management Actions

        July 2014