Working on Certification

The resources listed below will your help green team organize and implement efforts to achieve certification. Additional information about the certification process, cycle timeline, and requirements can be found on the Certification page.


Quick Start Resources

Application User Guide

This document provides step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the Municipal Dashboard and online certification application including using the online application, updating the municipal profile, and adding users to the account. 

Download Application User Guide

Master Action Tracking Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet provides an inventory of program actions, abbreviated submission requirements, look back and approval periods, resubmission requirements, and point values. It is a great tool to help a green team identify the actions the municipality may already be doing and new actions it hopes to pursue. It can also be use to track progress in completing actions and compiling the required documentation.

Download Spreadsheet

Sustainable Jersey Brochure

This brochure lists all of the actions in the program and the general certification requirements.  It is an excellent resource for green team meetings or events.

Download Sustainable Jersey Brochure

Recorded Webinars

The webinars listed below discuss the general certification process. They provide step-by-step guidance to green teams just getting started, renewing efforts, or striving for higher levels of achievement.


2024 Certification Webinar

2023 Crossing the Finish Line Webinar

2022 Program Updates Webinar

Moving Up to Silver Certification


Working with School Green Teams

Municipal green teams have access to resources and experience beneficial to school green teams, and vice versa.  Working together could lighten the load for all and result in a greater impact in the community. In addition, there are actions where a collaborative effort would result in the municipal green team and the school green team both earning points towards certification. These actions are listed below:

  • Anti-Idling Programs
  • Community Education & Outreach
  • Civic & Stewardship Activities
  • Community Asset Mapping
  • Green Challenges
  • Green Fair/Green Your Green Fair
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety & Promotion Initiatives
  • Safe Routes to School
  • School Travel Plan for Biking and Walking
  • Recycling Non-Mandated Materials
  • Waste Audit

Learn more about the  Sustainable Jersey for Schools program.

Not sure if your school district and schools are participating in Sustainable Jersey for Schools? Find your school contact here.


WATCH: Sustainable Jersey Tag Teams
This session was held as part of the 2021 Sustainability Summit.  The session spotlights successful municipal and school green teams working together to advance sustainability in their communities.  Learn how collaborations can help your own green team build capacity.


Collaborative Platforms

A number of free online platforms are available for green teams to help make the certification process more collaborative.  These are some of the platforms frequently used by green teams in addition to monthly meetings/calls:


PIE Solutions Catalog

If your town is working on the suite of Public Information & Engagement (PIE) actions, review Sustainable Jersey's PIE Solutions Catalog, a public database of almost 100 government and civic technology tools associated with government transparency, communications and public engagement.

Download Catalog