Priority Actions

As part of the certification requirements a municipality must complete a minimum number of priority actions: 2 for Bronze or 3 for Silver. These actions are fundamental first steps in charting a course for a sustainable future. Be sure to identify which priority actions your municipality may already be doing or decide which priority actions your green team would like to pursue.

  • Community Equity and Diversity Profile
  • Diversity on Boards & Commissions
  • Energy Tracking & Management
  • Energy Efficiency for Municipal Facilities
  • Fleet Inventory
  • Green Business Recognition Program
  • Municipal Carbon Footprint
  • Municipal Water Story
  • Natural Resource Inventory
  • Prescription Drug Safety and Disposal
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction Education and Compliance
  • Sustainable Land Use Pledge
  • Water Conservation Ordinance


Prerequisite Actions

Take careful note of the actions in the program that have a prerequisite - meaning one action must be completed and approved before credit can be awarded for the subsequent actions.  These actions can be worked on simultaneously, but will only be approved once the prerequisite has been met.  Prerequisite actions are listed in bold text below.


Establish a Creative Team

  • Creative Assets Inventory
  • Creative Placemaking Plan
  • Utilizing Your Creative Assets

Hold a Green Fair

  • "Green" Your Green Fair

Farmers Markets

  • Making Farmers Markets Accessible

Environmental Commission

  • Environmental Commission Site Plan Review

Easement Inventory and Outreach

  • Easement Inspections and Evaluations

Community Forestry Management Plan and NJUCF Accreditation

  • Tree Hazard Inventory
  • Tree Maintenance Programs
  • Tree Planting Programs

Fleet Inventory

  • Purchase Alternative Fuel Vehicles (15 point level only)

Green Grounds & Maintenance Policy

  • Efficient Landscape Design
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Minimize Water Consumption
  • Recycled Materials and Composting


Master Action Tracking Spreadsheet

The Master Action Tracking Spreadsheet (MATSS) lists all the program actions on the main tab, and also breaks out each category of actions into a separate tab. Priority and prerequisite actions are identified. The MATSS is a useful tool to identify the actions your municipality wants to pursue and track your green team's progress in completing them.

Download MATSS