Energy Guidebooks, Toolkits & Other Publications

The Energy publications consist of guidebooks and other publications.  Publications are listed chronologically within each section with the most recent publications first.


Energy Guidebooks & Toolkits

Community Solar Guidebook

January 2021

Community solar is a path for residents who cannot install solar panels on their own property to participate in both the environmental and cost-saving benefits of solar energy. This guidebook gives an overview of:

  • New Jersey's Clean Energy Program Community Solar Energy Program
  • Municipal roles in community solar projects
  • Community benefits of community solar projects
  • Case studies of community solar projects in New Jersey
  • How subscribers to community solar projects save money on their electric bill

Community Solar Guidebook

Community Solar Resource Page

A short-format guide to Sustainable Jersey's community solar resources. 

Community Solar Resource Page

Energy Efficiency Outreach Toolkits

September 2020

Sustainable Jersey worked closely with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) to create the Commercial and Residential Energy Efficiency Outreach Toolkits. Municipalities are well positioned to encourage residents and businesses in their communities to make homes and businesses more energy efficient by participating in NJCEP programs. The toolkits empower municipalities to hold impactful outreach campaigns, providing best practices and “plug and play” collateral for outreach campaigns with pre-approved language for flyers, letters, social media.

For a video overview of the toolkits, check out the May 2020 webinar Community Energy Efficiency Outreach Made Easier with Sustainable Jersey Toolkits.  View the recording here and download the presentation here.  To set up a consultation with Sustainable Jersey staff to go over the toolkits and create a plan of action for your municipality, email

Commercial Energy Efficiency Outreach Toolkit

Residential Energy Efficiency Outreach Toolkit

New Jersey Comfort Partners Toolkit

October 2020

The New Jersey Comfort Partners Program is a FREE, energy-saving, and energy education program that helps income-eligible customers save energy and money while increasing safety and comfort. This toolkit is designed to support municipal outreach of the Comfort Partners program.  The toolkit provides best practices and “plug and play” collateral for outreach campaigns with pre-approved language for flyers, letters, social media.

Comfort Partners Outreach Toolkit

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Procurement Guide

June 2020

The Sustainable Jersey Alternative Fuel Vehicle Procurement Guide provides information and resources for municipalities and school districts looking to add alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) to their fleets.  This guide includes strategies for procuring alternative fuel fleet vehicles at the best pricing and with the least amount of staff time spent on procurement logistics.  Procurement methods covered in this guide include fleet vehicle leasing; purchasing cooperatives and government purchasing contracts; direct purchase; and service contracting and shared services. The guide also includes information on funding and incentives for alternative fuel vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Procurement Guide

Renewable Government Energy Aggregation: Sustainable Jersey How-To-Guide

August 2019

This guidebook, developed by Sustainable Jersey, gives an overview of the rules that govern Renewable Government Energy Aggregation (R-GEA) in New Jersey. R-GEA (also known as community choice aggregation) provides a mechanism to move large numbers of customers into renewable energy electricity products quickly, easily, and in a way that reduces costs. The guidebook details the step-by-step process of establishing an R-GEA, from selecting an energy consultant to building support for the project in the community.

Renewable Government Energy Aggregation Guide

How to Implement an Energy Savings Improvement Plan: Sustainable Jersey How-To-Guide

August 2019

This guidebook, developed by Sustainable Jersey and sponsored by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, explains the process from beginning to end in straight forward and easy-to-understand language. Case studies of successfully implemented ESIPs are included and an exhaustive list of resources are also provided to guide local government units successfully through the ESIP process.

Energy Savings Improvement Plan Guide


Other Publications

NJCEP Local Government Projects 2008-2018

January 2021

This dataset shows New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s (NJCEP) Local Government projects completed by counties, municipalities, schools, fire departments, and local authorities between 2008 and 2018. The spreadsheet includes two sheets: (a) all local government projects with details; and (b) a summary of the number of municipal projects completed by year.

NJCEP Local Government Projects - 2008-2018

Utility Energy Data by Municipality

September 2020

Sustainable Jersey’s “Utility Energy Data by Municipality" Project is an initiative to collect and publicly share aggregated community-scale energy usage data for every municipality in the state starting from 2015. This data is intended to help municipalities, green teams, and the general public understand their community’s energy usage and calculate greenhouse gas emissions – as well as to reduce the number of individual requests to the utilities for data. Sustainable Jersey is also using the data to research energy use and GHG emissions in New Jersey, such as comparing municipalities to each other and over time. 

The Utility Energy Data by Municipality Overview document has information about the project, links to the data files, and further information about the data. The document and data will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Utility Energy Data by Municipality Document

New Jersey Energy Flow Model

June 2015

The New Jersey Energy Flow Model describes the use and flow of energy within the state. This document describes the results and methods used to construct the model that quantifies where all of New Jersey’s energy comes from, how it is used within different end-use segments, and all the connecting flows. This model provides a framework for quantifying the use of energy within the state at any point, based upon objectively available information.

This document provides a technical overview of the NJ Energy Flow Model, as implemented through a spreadsheet and associated visualization infographic (Version 4.5). Please refer to the infographic and spreadsheet for details referenced in this overview.

New Jersey Energy Flow Model

New Jersey Sustainable Energy Efficiency Demonstration Projects

May 2013

This project investigates what reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are possible in small and medium municipalities.  It offers lessons on how to establish a protocol for leadership in municipalities through state and federal support, and to share information on measures that reduce GHG emissions among residents and businesses.

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