Online Application Portal Instructions

Sustainable Jersey has transitioned to a NEW grants management platform. All Sustainable Jersey grant applications must be submitted using the online application portal. Specific links to the online application will be provided for each cycle once announced via that cycle's website page.

Applicants must first create an account before they will be able to complete a grant application. If you have already created an account, you can use that same account for every grant application you plan to submit in the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program.

The portal will allow you to save your work, log out, and resume any in-progress applications at any time by using the login feature. Even if you submit the application, you will still be able to access it up until its specific application deadline.

Follow the steps below to submit an application using the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program's online application portal:

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

The person signing up for the account will be considered the grant's primary contact. Sustainable Jersey will direct all communications about the grant to this person.  This account can be used to submit applications in all of the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program cycles.

Step 2: Create a Profile

The person creating the profile and serving as the primary contact must be a municipal staff member or an elected/appointed official (green team member/volunteer). It cannot be a consultant. If a consultant is responsible for completing grant applications on behalf of the municipality, they should submit the application under an account owned by an eligible primary grant contact.

Step 3: Complete the Grant Application

Typically, a Sustainable Jersey grant application will consist of at least three standard sections: Municipal Grant Proposal, Sustainable Jersey Program Status, and Grant Authorization Resolution. Some grant opportunities may request additional information in the application (if applicable, it will be made clear for each opportunity). 

Once each of these sections is "Marked Complete" the next section will become available.  Once all three sections are completed and submitted the primary contact will receive a confirmation email of the application's submission.

Section 1: Municipal Grant Proposal

Complete these forms requesting information on your municipality's requested funding amount, grant project, application contacts, and Sustainable Jersey grant history.

Section 2: Sustainable Jersey Program Status

Complete this form requesting information on your municipality's current status in the Sustainable Jersey Program. Municipalities must be registered or certified in the program and have an active Sustainable Jersey green team to be eligible to apply. Green team documentation will be requested, except for municipalities currently certified Bronze or Silver in the program.  Check your municipality's participation status here.

Section 3: Grant Authorization Resolution

After submitting the completed grant application, you will gain access to the Grant Authorization Resolution stage that will have a longer deadline than the rest of the grant application. A grant authorization resolution must be submitted no later than by that deadline in order for the grant application to be considered. A template resolution can be found hereIt is recommended that the municipality begins the process of obtaining the resolution as soon as possible to ensure it is adopted by the deadline. 

Please note: the grant authorization resolution is not the same as the resolution required to register in Sustainable Jersey or the resolution required to establish a green team.

A municipality can use the same resolution for any grant application you plan to submit in the year the resolution was adopted, as long as the resolution indicates that all Sustainable Jersey grant applications are supported. This can make the application process easier for municipalities that plan to apply for multiple grants in the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program annually.


Tour the New Sustainable Jersey Grants Program Platform

Below is a video tour of the new grants management platform utilized by the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program. While the video is specific to the 2021 Sustainable Jersey Grants Program for municpalities funded by the PSEG Foundation, the layout of the platform will be the same for all Sustainable Jersey grant applications (with the exception that some grant cycle's may also require additional information). Once announced, each cycle will also have a webinar presentation that will include a walkthrough of that cycle's specific application portal.



If you have questions please contact or call 609-771-3189.


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