Woodbridge Township is First Municipality in NJ to Achieve Gold Star in Water

on Feb 07, 2022

Sustainable Jersey announced today that Woodbridge Township is the first municipality in New Jersey to achieve the rigorous Gold Star in Water which identifies specific actions and level of performance for municipalities to make improvements in water quality, quantity and use.

“The Greenable Woodbridge team worked extremely hard to secure the Sustainable Jersey Water Gold Star. What we accomplished in our march to achieve the first-ever Water Gold Star is the benchmark for our sustainable initiatives and highlights the interconnectivity between our residents and to our natural environment,” said Woodbridge Mayor John E. McCormac. “It is important to note that Woodbridge is both a coastal area surrounded by water and home to many fresh water streams that transect the Township in a variety of locations. We sit on the Arthur Kill tidal strait and Raritan River which makes our location for commercial shipping and water recreation second to none. The South Branch of the Rahway River runs through the Township in a northerly direction West to East and we have many other creeks, ponds and streams contributing to beautiful natural water-borne corridors. In Woodbridge, we are not careless with this vital resource and have developed extraordinary plans – including introducing Woodbridge Water Willy our very own cartoon mascot - to manage storm water, flooding and improve our infrastructure so that all water is appreciated.”

The Gold Star in Water indicates a municipality has implemented a number of key actions and plans to work to mitigate flooding, protect drinking water, reduce pollution and protect rivers and lakes. In order to be eligible to apply for the Gold Star in Water, a municipality must have successfully completed four actions. Two of the four actions are required: Municipal Water Story and Environmental or Natural Resource Inventory. A third action must be selected from a list of high impact actions. The fourth action must be taken from a larger list of actions that advance water sustainability. A municipality interested in pursuing Water Gold will also identify a minimum of two additional actions to undertake to maintain their status. The process and requirements for the Water Gold Star are detailed on the Sustainable Jersey website: Gold Star in Water.

Recognizing that municipalities needed direction on water issues, Sustainable Jersey developed the Gold Star in Water. Gold Stars are awarded for individual dimensions of sustainability. Currently there are Gold Star Standards in Energy, Health and Water. Woodbridge Township was also awarded the first Energy Gold Star in 2018.

Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey said, “Woodbridge Township is an outstanding example of how a municipality can take sustainability and community responsibility seriously and contribute locally to ensuring a sustainable water system in New Jersey. Municipalities face a myriad of water issues and the Gold Star in Water was established as guide for tackling them.”

More information:

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