Nine NJ Towns Receive Grants for Sustainable Energy Projects

on Dec 19, 2014

Sustainable Jersey announced today the nine New Jersey towns that were selected for Sustainable Jersey Small Grants funded by the Gardinier Environmental Fund.  Since 2009, Sustainable Jersey has distributed nearly $1.6 million in grants to New Jersey municipalities to help towns make their communities more livable, environmentally friendly and prosperous. Now the Gardinier Environmental Fund is stepping up to help fund some worthy community projects.

“Investments in energy projects are key toward the goal of a more sustainable and resilient New Jersey,” said Randall Solomon, co-director of Sustainable Jersey. “Funding local projects like building efficiency upgrades, alternative vehicle fueling and charging stations, energy education projects, energy resiliency and solar energy installations is a cornerstone of our mission.”

“The Gardinier Environmental Fund is committed to conserving the earth’s energy resources and enhancing renewable energy measures,” said Gene Wentzel, president, Gardinier Environmental Fund. “We are proud to be working with Sustainable Jersey and to fund projects that will contribute to our mutual goals in our state.” 

New Jersey is the first state in the nation to have a comprehensive sustainability program for communities that links certification with strong state and private financial incentives, and a fully resourced program of technical support and training. Currently, 75 percent of New Jersey’s towns and cities (417 towns across all 21 counties) have registered to become Sustainable Jersey certified.

Recipients of $35,000 Sustainable Jersey Project Grants






Early Street Community Garden Solar Pavilion



EnergySmart Buildings Campaign

Haddon Twp.


Environmental Center Solar Project


Recipients of $10,000 Sustainable Jersey Project Grants








Brigantine City


Lighting Conversion to LED

Cape May City

Cape   May

Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP)

Denville   Twp.


Denville Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Highland Park


Solar Islanding Microgrid and Education Project

Park Ridge Boro.


LED Street Lighting Project

Verona Twp.


Solar Monitoring Display & Education Program



$35,000 Sustainable Jersey Project Grants

  • Morristown: Will build an Eco-Shed using sustainable material and incorporating natural systems such as solar power and a rain water collection cistern.  The energy created by the solar panels on the pavilion will be able to provide the necessary energy for all uses of the community garden, running a pump for the cistern, outlets for movie nights and bands, and the rain catchment system will provide the majority of the water needed for gardening.
  • Princeton: Will implement an EnergySmart Buildings Campaign that will focus on reducing energy      consumption from fossil fuels in commercial buildings in the Municipality of Princeton.
  • Haddon Township: Will install a 6.24 kilowatt solar array for the Environmental and Historic Center.

 $10,000 Sustainable Jersey Project Grants

  • Brigantine City: Will purchase and install LED lighting for the Municipal Complex, Recreation Center and other city buildings.
  • Cape May City: Will implement an Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP).
  • Denville Township: Will purchase and install a public electric vehicle charging station in the public Church Street Parking Lot in downtown Denville. The project will also include upgrading of an existing electric transformer station and installation of signs to direct users to the station.
  • Highland Park: Will implement a solar islanding microgrid and education project to ensure that the Highland Park community has the ability to communicate and stay abreast of information in the event of any power outage or calamity that obstructs the ground communication or networking infrastructure.
  • ·Park Ridge Borough: Will replace 36 existing High Pressure Sodium Street Lighting fixtures with LED Street Lighting fixtures.  The existing High Pressure Sodium Street Lights are inefficient compared to new LED technology and require additional maintenance because of the shorter lifespan of the bulbs. 
  • Verona Township: Will implement a Solar Monitoring Display and Education Program for the existing solar energy installation at the Verona Community Center. Members of the general public and the High School Science & Business Courses for Junior/Senior students will be able to dial in to the system and track the amount of energy produced on any given day.


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