Sustainable Jersey Releases List of Municipalities Certified in 2020

on Jan 28, 2021

55 towns achieve prestigious sustainability certification

Sustainable Jersey announced today that 55 towns achieved certification in 2020. The municipal certification program continues to show remarkable growth with 457 municipalities (81 percent) participating in the program and a total of 219 towns successfully achieving certification. Of the 219 certified towns, 155 towns received bronze-level certification and 64 towns received silver-level certification.

Review the list of the 2020 Sustainable Jersey Certified Municipalities.

“With nearly 90 percent of the New Jersey population living in a Sustainable Jersey community, we know our work at Sustainable Jersey has never been more important,” said Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey. “Congratulations to the municipalities that achieved certification in a very challenging year. Your hard work brings us closer to the goal of a sustainable New Jersey.”

Each municipality that is certified at the bronze-level must submit documentation to show it has completed a balance of the program’s sustainability actions, meeting a minimum of 150 points. Silver-level certification requires that a town meet a minimum of 350 points. Participating towns can choose from over 145 actions, such as meeting targets for green fleets, implementing energy efficiency measures, developing a creative assets plan or building a healthy community to earn points for certification.

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