Flooding and Combined Sewer Overflows as a Social Justice Issue & Public Health Crisis

Part of the Tri-County Sustainability's Environmental Justice and Stormwater Management Series

Jun 29, 2022
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Communities throughout New Jersey face the risk of raw sewage getting drained directly into streams, streets, and homes during major rainfalls. These cities are still served by antiquated water systems that handle runoff from streets and parking lots and wastewater from homes and businesses all in the same pipe, which can overflow during heavy storms. There are 21 combined sewer overflow systems in New Jersey, most of which are located in low-income and communities of color. The Sustainable Jersey Regional Hub, Tri-County Sustainability, along with other partners will host this first webinar of their Environmental Justice and Stormwater Management series for residents and community leaders to learn more about the growing public health and equity issues caused by antiquated water systems.

Event Type: Webinars
Event Category: Sustainable Jersey Events, Trainings & Hub Events

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