Proposal Evaluation

Large Grant Proposals ($20,000 and $10,000)

Below is the criteria that will be used to evaluate the grant proposals. The criteria is also available in Attachment 4 of the Application Information Packet.

Project  Description

10 Points

  • The description concisely summarizes the specific project to be funded by the grant award.

Project Team Members

10 Points

  • The designated project team appears qualified to undertake the proposed project.
  • The project team includes representation from municipal and community stakeholder groups that will be involved in or impacted by the implementation of he proposed project.

Action Plan & Timeline

15 Points

  • The proposed project action plan addresses the steps needed to successfully complete the project. 
  • Target completion dates are realistic and will enable the project to be completed within the 18-month performance period. 
  • Events where the grant will be promoted, such as a ribbon cutting ceremony, and materials that will be distributed are identified.  Learn more here.

Community Engagement

15 Points

  • The proposed project will capitalize on collaborations between community stakeholders including representatives from schools, municipal and county agencies, civic or community-based organizations, non-profits, professional organizations and local businesses.
  • Details on how the project will be shared with the community are included.

Project Impact & Evaluation

30 Points

  • The project will augment existing green team efforts and contribute toward making progress in the Sustainable Jersey Program.
  • The proposed project is unique, innovative and addresses a specific need.
  • What the project hopes to accomplish is clear and relevant background information is provided to better understand the impact of the project.
  • Who will benefit from the proposed project (staff, residents, etc.) and how is clearly articulated.
  • Project outcomes will be evaluated.


20 Points

  • The Budget Narrative clearly summarizes project expenses and identifies all the sources of funding needed to complete the proposed project, including in-kind contributions such as volunteer hours. 
  • The project leverages no or low cost resources to cost-effectively complete the proposed project. 
  • It is clear that all additional funding besides the grant is in-hand or committed. 
  • The detailed project budget is consistent with the Budget Narrative and clearly identifies the eligible project expenses that will be billed to the grant. 
  • The budget is realistic, costs are justified and resource contributions, including in-kind, have a reasonable value.


$2,000 Grant Proposals

Grants will be awarded based on the green team's commitment to advancing sustainability initiatives in the community and how the proposed activities will lead to the successful completion of specific Sustainable Jersey actions.

Important Note for All Grant Selections: Up to 50% of the grant funds will be reserved for certified municipalities. Sustainable Jersey reserves the right to reallocate the funding based on the quality and quantity of grant applications received in a given funding cycle. The selection committee will also consider efforts towards Sustainable Jersey certification, project diversity, previous funding, economic need, and the regional distribution of grants throughout the state.