Application Sections

 The energy grant application is comprised of four sections:

  1. Energy Grant Proposal
  2. Sustainable Jersey Program Status
  3. Confirmation of Eligibility for Applicable Energy Incentive Programs
  4. Grant Authorization Resolution

The first three sections must be completed by November 5, 2021. The fourth section does not need to be completed until December 3, 2021.


Section One: Energy Grant Proposal

Complete this form requesting information about the applicant, the applicant's previous Sustainable Jersey grants history, and the proposed project. The main proposal sections include:

  • Project Title and Brief Project Description
  • Action Plan and Timeline
  • Budget Narrative and Detailed Project Budget
  • Optional Information
  • Project Team
  • Community Engagement
  • Project Impact and Evaluation

More detailed information on what is required for each section of the grant proposal can be found in the Application Information Packet.


Section Two: Sustainable Jersey Program Status

Complete this form requesting information on the applicant's current status in its respective Sustainable Jersey program. Applicants must be at least registered in the program and have an active Sustainable Jersey  green team to be eligible to apply.

Use the Participating Communities map here to check your municipality‚Äôs current program status. Find the name of your municipality using the "List View".

Green team documentation will be requested in this section of the application, however, municipalities currently certified Bronze or Silver in the program do NOT need to upload this information.

More detailed information, including an explanation on each type of program status and how to get registered if your municipality is not, can be found in the Application Information Packet.


Section Three: Confirmation of Eligibility for Applicable Energy Incentive Programs

You will be asked to upload evidence that the applicant has reached out to any applicable energy incentive programs. Applicants must leverage these resources in addition to the Sustainable Jersey grant as part of the overall project budget. See Section M in the Application Information Packet for a listing of available funding or rebates available from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), utility company incentive programs, or other state government grant, rebate, or incentive programs,


Confirmation of the dollar amount of the funding is not required. The documentation only needs to confirm whether or not the project is eligible to receive funding from any of the applicable incentive programs listed in Section M. For example, a copy of email correspondence between you and the relevant NJCEP program manager would suffice if it clearly states whether or not the project qualifies for existing incentives. If the project is eligible, the detailed budget should include your best estimate of the anticipated funding. If the grant is awarded, the budget can be revised when the actual amount of funding is confirmed.


The availability of utility-sponsored incentive programs and how they relate to NJCEP programs varies by utility; please check with your local utility on current incentive programs. Questions regarding how to access existing incentive programs and the documentation required for the grant application can be directed to Nancy Quirk by email at or by phone at 609-771-2902. 

Section Four: Grant Authorization Resolution

After submitting the completed grant application, you will gain access to the Grant Authorization Resolution stage that has a longer deadline than the grant application. A grant authorization document must be submitted no later than by the end of the day on Friday, December 2021, in order for the grant application to be considered.


A grant resolution template is available below. You are not required to use one of the templates as long as the grant authorization document names the specific Sustainable Jersey grants cycle (2021 Sustainable Jersey Grants Program funded by the Gardinier Environmental Fund), the requested funding amount, and the name of the applicant.

Sample Municipal Resolution

More detailed information, including recommendations for applicants choosing to pass a resolution, can be found in the Application Information Packet.


Project Promotion & Sponsor Recognition

All grant recipients are required to notify Sustainable Jersey of any project-related ribbon-cutting ceremonies or milestone events so that media outreach can be coordinated with Sustainable Jersey and the Gardinier Environmental Fund.


Grant recipients are required to install a sign indicating that the project was funded by the Gardinier Environmental Fund and the Sustainable Jersey Grants Program if applicable. If installing signage or holding a ribbon cutting ceremony is not applicable to your project, there are other ways to share the success of the project with the rest of the community. 


Consider presenting grant accomplishments in public meetings, distributing printed communications, and creating website content and social media postings. Reasonable costs for signage can be included in the project budget. Project funders should also be indicated on reports or other materials developed with grant funds.

Copies of materials documenting this recognition will be required as part of the final grant report. Promotion of the grant should include both the Sustainable Jersey and the the Gardinier Environmental Fund logos. Examples of promotional materials can be found here.