Sustainability Summit Presentations

The 2022 Sustainability Summit provided a deeper understanding of how to use existing tools and resources from Sustainable Jersey and partner organizations during 13 Sustainability Sessions. New skills and strategies were provided for implementing actions related to the climate crisis, community energy planning, electrifying municipal and school fleets, resiliency planning, identifying the hidden impacts of health, using food “waste” to combat food insecurity, organic gardening, incorporating state climate education standards into classrooms, engaging youth, overcoming racial and social bias, and more.  View the full list of session descriptions and speakers here.

Plenary Session

The morning plenary presentation, featured the following speakers:

  • Gary Sondermeyer, Chairperson, Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees
  • Randall Solomon, Executive Director, Sustainability Institute at TCNJ and Sustainable Jersey
  • Katrina Angarone, Associate Commissioner for Science and Policy, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


Previous Sustainability Summit Presentations

View past presentations from the Sustainability Summit here.