Gold Star Standard Technical Assistance

The Gold Star Standard provides performance standards and guidelines for action that correspond to Sustainable Jersey's best evolving understanding of what is a fair and feasible share of the effort to expect from each borough, town and city. If all municipalities achieved the Gold Star Standard, then collectively municipalities would be doing their part to achieve a sustainable future; and the impact would register at the state level. Over time the indicators we track in the Sustainable State of the State Report would demonstrate substantial and continuing progress towards our sustainability goals.

Standard Development

The Gold Star Standard in Energy was developed from two perspectives:

  • Top-down: setting target rates of improvement
  • Bottom-up: identifying practical municipal strategies that add up to meeting those targets

The standard includes two major components:

  1. The specific Gold Star actions which set the target rates of improvement in the key performance standards.
  2. Successful completion of certain existing municipal certification program actions at the Gold Star Standard level.

See the overview of the Gold Star Standard in Energy for more details regarding the components of the standard.

NOTE: Since the Gold Star Standard is new and performance oriented, Sustainable Jersey anticipates providing flexibility to municipalities in how they achieve and document meeting it.  In particular, the specific slates of base program actions may be altered if there are other means of showing progress that is commensurate to the levels of performance described in the Gold Star Standard actions.  Sustainable Jersey staff is eager to work closely with municipalities interested in applying for the Gold Stars.  Green teams interested in pursuing a Gold Star in Energy should reach out to the Sustainable Jersey staff listed below.


Sustainable Jersey Contacts

Energy: Nancy Quirk, Energy Program Manager, 609-771-2902,