Sustainable Jersey Certification Program Starts Strong

on Mar 18, 2009

Trenton, NJ - Today, representatives of Sustainable Jersey released the list of the first 40 municipalities to register to become Sustainable Jersey certified. The certification program was launched on February 26, 2009 with a press conference and words of inspiration from Governor Jon Corzine and an impressive list of project sponsors. By that same evening, Lindenwold Borough and Long Hill Township had submitted their registration and documentation of the required municipal resolution, each passed by their respective community, stating their intent to seek Sustainable Jersey certification. The other 38 municipalities were right behind them—see the full list on the next page.

“We are pleased with the level of enthusiasm that municipalities have demonstrated for the Sustainable Jersey program in these first few weeks,” said Maplewood’s Deputy Mayor of the Environment and New Jersey State League of Municipalities’ Mayors’ Committee for a Green Future Co-Chair Fred Profeta. “The 566 municipalities in this State provide powerful leverage for achieving results on a grand scale. Sustainable Jersey is going to make a real difference.”

Sustainable Jersey is a rigorous and meaningful certification program for municipalities that promises to put New Jersey on the cutting edge for innovative sustainable and green programs. All actions taken by municipalities to score points toward certification must be accompanied by documentary evidence. Only efforts that meet the standards will be accepted and counted toward a certification. The program provides municipalities with a comprehensive package of tools, guidance materials, training, and financial incentives, to support and reward progress.

“There are a lot of well intentioned municipalities that don't know where to start and are overwhelmed with the challenges. Sustainable Jersey not only gives them a roadmap for what to do, but provides real resources to help them make progress,” said Randall Solomon, Executive Director of New Jersey Sustainable State Institute at Rutgers University. “The actions and resources in the program are the result of an unprecedented level of cooperation among municipalities, environmental organizations, academics, private companies, and state government. I've never seen so many different actors align their programs and interests like this before.” After registering, municipalities begin the process of documenting and preparing their certification application. Municipalities that complete the certification requirements will be recognized at an annual awards event held at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City in November of 2009. In partnership with Sustainable Jersey, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has funded a new $200,000 grants program for New Jersey municipalities. Grant applications for the Sustainable Jersey grants are due in late April 2009. State agencies will also be announcing new programs linked to Sustainable Jersey that include fainancial incentives.

First 40 New Jersey Municipalities to Submit Registration for Sustainable Jersey Certification

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