Sustainable Jersey™ Welcomes Announcement of $150,000 in Funding from PSEG Foundation

on Dec 23, 2009

Trenton, NJ – Today’s announcement by the PSEG Foundation that $150,000 in grant money
will be provided to support the Sustainable Jersey program, was hailed as extremely good news by Louise Wilson,
President of the New Jersey League of Municipalities. The two-year grant of $75,000 per year will be administered by
the League’s Educational Foundation for the Sustainable Jersey program.

The grant will help support the Sustainable Jersey municipal certification program that has streamlined, incentivized
and guided the process of transforming the state’s 566 municipalities, many at different stages of going green, into a
network of sustainable communities. “We are pleased that the PSEG Foundation shares our vision and recognizes the
importance of our program that helps New Jersey towns that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain
their quality of life over the long term,” said program partner, Donna Drewes of the Municipal Land Use Center at The
College of New Jersey.

Of the funding allocation, $25,000 will be used to provide technical assistance and support to two South Jersey
communities. The intent of this technical support is to determine the most effective way to help the municipality
engage elected officials, staff, volunteers, schools and business and community organizations in their efforts toward
becoming sustainable communities. Programmatic staff support will be focused on building institutional capacity and
municipal and community commitment toward pursuing Sustainable Jersey certification. The development of new
program materials, including a “how to guide” to help small or rural communities successfully navigate the Sustainable
Jersey program will be completed as part of this initiative.

“The stars and partners have aligned in the first year of the program,” said Randall Solomon, project partner and
Executive Director of the New Jersey Sustainable State Institute at Rutgers University. “Sustainable Jersey has
ignored potential barriers and bridged connections that might just save us all yet, as academics, funders, government
officials and corporations have come together to support and grow the program.”

In 2009, 246 communities across all 21 New Jersey counties registered to become Sustainable Jersey certified and 34
municipalities have successfully achieved certification. Sustainable Jersey is moving full speed ahead with many
improvements incorporated into the 2010 program. Over 50 new actions were added to the list of items that
municipalities can choose from in order to achieve certification points. There is now a bronze and a silver level of

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