Sustainable Jersey Presents at Point Pleasant Beach Townwide Community Meeting on January 20

on Jan 11, 2010

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – Sustainable Jersey is providing an information session the evening
of Wednesday, January 20, for area municipalities and the general public in Point Pleasant Beach. Two of the project
partners, Fred Profeta, Jr., Chair of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities’ Mayors Committee for a Green
Future and Randall Solomon, Executive Director of the New Jersey Sustainable State Institute at Rutgers University
will discuss program benefits and ways to mobilize community resources to succeed in the program.

Sustainable Jersey is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, control costs and
save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Mr. Profeta aims to rally the troops
while offering his own experience with the Sustainable Jersey certification process. In addition to being the Chair of
the Mayors Committee for a Green Future, he is also the Deputy Mayor of Maplewood which is one of an inaugural
group of 34 towns that achieved Sustainable Jersey certification in 2009. He finds that real progress and change
occurs at the local level.

“There is more direct accountability when municipalities are involved. So much environmental degradation is caused
by individual actions, from the cars we drive to the food we eat,” said Mr. Profeta. “As Sustainable Jersey reaches the
566 municipalities in New Jersey, these towns provide direct access to inspire and educate residents, businesses and
everyday folk that need to hear the message.”

In May of 2009, the Point Pleasant Beach Council passed a resolution to have the town join a growing list of over 240
communities that are participating statewide in the Sustainable Jersey program, including neighbors, Point Pleasant,
Bay Head, Brick Township and Lavallette.

According to Point Pleasant Beach Environmental Commission (PPBEC) Chairman Peter Ritchings, what makes the
Sustainable Jersey program attractive to communities is that it provides a realistic and attainable action plan, not only
to achieve certification, but to continue on a long-term path towards greater sustainability. Mr. Ritchings further
noted, "what is really terrific about the program is that it provides clear guidance, tools, and access to grants to
enable communities to make progress and become certified. We don't have to reinvent the wheel and can quickly
begin work on topics with the clear guidelines and steps that have proven to work for other communities."

Point Pleasant Beach is in the process of obtaining certification. One of the mandatory actions leading to the
certification is the formation of a Green Team. Green teams leverage the skills and expertise of community members
to develop plans, implement programs, and assist with educational opportunities that support the creation of a
sustainable community.

Kristin Hennessy, PPBEC Member, is coordinating the formation of the Point Pleasant Beach Green Team. "I see this
program as not only a prudent measure for the environment and our quality of life, but it's also a smart move for our
municipality, as most activities have the potential to save money, control municipal costs, and receive grants," noted
Ms. Hennessy.

The green team is formed by appointment by the mayor and council. Ideally, it includes a diverse cross-section of the
community with representatives of the governing body, municipal staff and departments, municipal boards and
commissions, local businesses and business organizations, civic groups, schools, youth organizations, faith
organizations, public works, and concerned citizens, just to name a few.

Various community segments and established committees will need to be represented on the green team. Organizers
are seeking representatives from the Planning and Zoning Boards, the Board of Education, the Chamber of Commerce
and the local business community. The group is hoping that at least one representative from the Shade Tree
Commission, Beautification Committee, Open Space Committee, Historic Preservation Commission, Recreation
Committee, Animal Welfare Committee and the Environmental Commission will also serve on the green team.

With the Sustainable Jersey program, New Jersey is the first state in the nation to have a comprehensive sustainability
program for communities that links certification with strong state and private financial incentives, and a fully
resourced program of technical support and training.

Sustainable Jersey Presentation at Point Pleasant Beach
Date: January 20, 2010, 7:00 PM
Location: Point Pleasant Beach Borough Hall, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
More Info: Kristin Hennessey: 732-899-1412

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