Nissan offers Sustainable Jersey participants a $5,000 incentive toward the purchase of a Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle

on May 03, 2019

Today, Sustainable Jersey announced that Nissan North America will provide Sustainable Jersey participants a special $5,000 incentive toward the purchase of a brand-new Nissan LEAF which is advertised as the “World’s Best-Selling Electric Vehicle.” 

Cornelius Willingham, manager of electric vehicle fleet business development for the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions for Nissan North America explained “When this incentive is combined with the $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit and State of New Jersey sales tax waiver, savings can approach $15,000 for some stakeholders. This, before factoring substantial savings EV’s offer on fuel, maintenance and repair, or the nearly pound of C02 combustion vehicles emit for every mile driven.” Nissan will also assist with the efforts of Sustainable Jersey by supporting programs to educate communities on the economic and environmental benefits of all zero emission electric vehicles.

Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey, said “We are grateful that Nissan wanted to recognize the thousands of people around the state who have supported and been touched by the Sustainable Jersey program. While Sustainable Jersey does not endorse any particular company or product, we strongly believe that electric vehicles are a critical solution to the climate crisis. We encourage everyone to buy an electric vehicle and welcome new resources to make that easier for people.”

The rebate is broadly available to anyone that has participated in Sustainable Jersey community efforts, task forces, or has been involved or made contributions to the sustainability movement. For more information, visit the Sustainable Jersey website (, download a copy of the program flyer and visit a New Jersey Nissan dealer.  Participants will also need a copy of their electric bill to verify residency.  This program expires on July 1, 2019 and cannot be combined with any other Nissan or Nissan Mid-Atlantic Regions incentive.  

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