Sustainable Jersey Opens Application Process for New Round of Sustainability Grants

on Nov 18, 2014

PSEG Foundation funds 32 grants for initiatives that will improve life in NJ

Sustainable Jersey announced today that it is accepting applications from New Jersey municipalities for sustainable projects. Funded by the PSEG Foundation, $200,000 in grant money is now available from the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants Program. The announcement was made at the Sustainable Jersey annual luncheon in Atlantic City to a crowd of over 375 mayors, municipal staff and green team members anxious to get a grant to further their ambitious sustainability programs. This is the third time that the PSEG Foundation has funded the Sustainable Jersey Small Grant Program bringing the total contribution to $600,000.

“Environmental, social and economic issues are the cornerstone to the PSEG Foundation’s support and we are committed to leading the communities in which we serve towards a more sustainable future,” said Ellen Lambert, president of the PSEG Foundation. “The impact of these projects will have a lasting impact to neighborhoods throughout New Jersey.” 

Application proposals are being accepted through February 1, 2015. Visit the grants page on to submit a simple, online application.  Sustainable Jersey is now offering an online grant application which allows communities to collaborate on the grant proposal process and facilitate virtual evaluations of the grant applications by the review committee.  

For this grant cycle, the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants Program will award local governments with four $20,000 grants, eight $10,000 grants and twenty $2,000 grants for projects like food waste recycling programs, commuter bike depots and renewable energy projects. Since its launch in 2009, the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants program has funded $1,757,000 to municipalities. 

“This is a win for municipalities across New Jersey. These grants, funded by the PSEG Foundation, represent our ongoing support of local sustainability initiatives,” said Donna Drewes, who co-directs Sustainable Jersey with Randall Solomon. “These grants are the only consistent source of support for communities that want to pursue sustainability projects and they have a tremendous impact.”

In March 2013, the Town of Hammonton was the recipient of one of these grants. “Hammonton is extremely grateful to Sustainable Jersey and PSEG for providing us with the grant to help fund our new Water Conservation Tax Credit/Rebate Program. Sustainable Jersey's Small Grants Program allows us, and many other municipalities, to continue to innovate despite continuing economic strictures on the local level,” said Steve DiDonato, the mayor of Hammonton. “Honestly, the entire Sustainable Jersey regimen has been a continuing source of progress for our town environmentally, socially, and economically.”

Currently, 75 percent of New Jersey’s towns and cities (417 towns across all 21 counties) are participating in the Sustainable Jersey program. 

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