Sustainable Jersey to host Minister Shen from Taiwan EPA

on Jul 09, 2013

Sustainable Jersey announced today that it will host Minister Stephen Shu-hung Shen of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPAT) and his delegation in New Jersey on Sunday, July 14, 2013.  The Taiwanese delegation will tour Hurricane Sandy recovery areas and explore strategies for adapting to climate change and extreme weather.  The group hopes to learn how communities can become more resilient.   

The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has brought Sustainable Jersey together with Taiwan (EPAT) to strengthen cooperation on community-level sustainability programs. Taiwan has modeled a program after Sustainable Jersey and is also supporting the development of a community level "dashboard" of sustainability that can be used in New Jersey. 

The one-day visit to New Jersey includes meetings and field visits to Hurricane Sandy recovery sites.  The day will begin at the New Jersey Natural Gas headquarters in Wall Township and conclude in Bay Head Borough.  Pam Mount, chair of the Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees, will spend the day with the delegation. “Sustainable Jersey has harnessed the power of local communities in New Jersey.  After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, we realized the benefits of having a program like Sustainable Jersey in place. It’s a model for others, both nationally and internationally,” Mount said.   

Sustainable Jersey has been working on climate adaptation, resiliency and flood hazard mitigation for several years.  Following Super-Storm Sandy, the program has expanded its efforts and current work in this area.  Sustainable Jersey is providing a bridge between state and federal government and local governments during the Sandy recovery.   

“We see our role as being a conduit to implement best practices, educate large numbers of communities about Sandy recovery programs and resources and provide direct technical assistance. We also anticipate continuing to use our task forces, which have heavy participation from State and local government, to coordinate policy, develop new resources, and coordinate support efforts,” said Randall Solomon, co-director of Sustainable Jersey.  He added, “Taiwan and New Jersey have similar economies and coastlines.  I look forward to sharing strategies for resiliency with the Taiwan delegation.”

This is the second New Jersey visit by the Taiwanese delegation to meet with Sustainable Jersey; the first visit was in August 2011.  The initial partnership began in June 2011, after a Sustainable Jersey delegation travelled to Taiwan to engage in mutual learning and sharing of best practices on climate and energy issues. 

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