Walmart Reaches $1 Million Mark in Support of New Jersey Sustainability Grant Program

on Jun 06, 2013

Sustainable Jersey announced today that $380,000 in grant money is now available to New Jersey municipalities. Funded by Walmart, this cycle of the Sustainable Jersey Small Grants Program will support seventy local projects that leverage resources to make communities more livable, environmentally friendly and prosperous. With this contribution, Walmart will exceed the $1,000,000 mark having provided funding for the grant program each year since 2009. 

Beginning today, Sustainable Jersey is welcoming applications from New Jersey municipalities for sustainability programs or projects that make a contribution toward the long-term goal of a sustainable New Jersey. Projects funded in past years include electric vehicle charging stations, an organic curbside waste program, wind turbines, an energy efficiency education program for low-income residents, school food composting centers and community gardens.

This first cycle of the 2013 Sustainable Jersey Small Grants Program will award local governments with one $50,000 grant, four $20,000 grants, fifteen $10,000 grants for projects and fifty $2,000 capacity building grants. Proposals will be reviewed and scored by an independent selection committee.  Sustainable Jersey anticipates a second cycle of the Small Grants program in late September 2013.

“This $1 million Walmart investment in New Jersey is an example of our commitment to supporting efforts that lead to long-term sustainability,” said Jennifer Hoehn, Walmart Director of Public Affairs for the state of New Jersey. "We are looking forward to again supporting these projects that seek to enhance our local communities." Bill Dressel, Executive Director of the New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) added, “As a founding partner of Sustainable Jersey, the NJLM is pleased with the leadership that Walmart is showing by sponsoring the Sustainable Jersey Small Grant program.” 

Applications are due on August 4, 2013.  Sustainable Jersey plans to announce the winners early this fall.

“As gratifying as it’s been to see the Sustainable Jersey program grow, it’s even more rewarding to see the money from funders like Walmart go directly to New Jersey towns to help support innovative and important sustainability projects across State,” said Pam Mount, Chair of the Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees.

A core element of the Sustainable Jersey program is to direct funding and resources to municipalities to aid them in making progress. Currently, 68 percent of New Jersey’s towns and cities (385 towns across all 21 counties) have registered to become Sustainable Jersey certified. 

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