Sustainable Jersey to Provide Towns Free Financing Advice on Energy Issues

on May 23, 2012

Trenton, NJ (May 23, 2012)– Today, Sustainable Jersey announced that it will offer guidance to towns regarding the most effective financing methods for implementing energy efficiency upgrades and alternative energy projects. Robbi Acampora, the new Sustainable Jersey Financial and Energy Advisor, will lead the effort to help local governments take advantage of new financing options to achieve building efficiency upgrades and alternative energy generating projects. 

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Programs are available to assist New Jersey local governments implement energy conservations measures. Ms. Acampora will help towns structure the most efficient method of packaging the available financing alternatives. Energy Savings Improvement Plans (ESIPs) are an approved method of financing energy conservation measures at no cost to taxpayers.  Sustainable Jersey will assist local entities package the most effective financial incentives. 

Municipalities can contact Ms. Acampora for assistance directly by email ( or phone (609-771-2307). She has over 20 years of experience providing financial advice to local governments in New Jersey. 

“The ESIP law took effect in 2009, but to date very few local government entities have taken advantage of this financing option,” Robbi Acampora said. “The concept of using an ESIP involves determining the energy savings that will be generated after implementing various energy conservation measures such as window replacement, lighting retrofits and HVAC system replacements. The energy savings are used to repay a loan that pays for the implementation costs.”

The ESIP method of financing is being implemented in cities around the country as local governments struggle to do more with less. In approving the ESIP law in 2009, the State of New Jersey gave its local governing bodies the opportunity to update and replace many facets of its aging infrastructure at no cost to the local taxpayers and ratepayers.

Randy Solomon, Co-Director of Sustainable Jersey said, “The addition of Robbi Acampora further strengthens our ability to assist New Jersey local governments as they work to achieve energy savings and create jobs at no new costs to taxpayers.” Robbi Acampora will help local governments with this financing method and ultimately facilitate group ESIPs which can, through economies of scale, allow for even more projects to be financed.

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