Free Tools & Resources for Towns Related to PIE

Sustainable Jersey has tapped into the nonprofit and private sector to bring resources that can assist your community in implementing our Public Information & Engagement actions.  Below are a few of these tools available to your town at no cost.  If you are interested in learning more about any of them, we invite you to contact the person listed along with the vendor/organization.

If you have a product that can help move a NJ municipality towards implementing one of Sustainable Jersey's PIE actions, contact Lauren at 609-771-3129,  In order to be included in this page, the service must be 1) available at no cost and 2) without a free trial period that expires.

*By listing these vendors & organizations, Sustainable Jersey is not making an endorsement for any one tool.  We have simply found them to be useful to municipalities across the state and country and want to share them with you for your consideration.



GovPilot is a cloud based Government Management Software provider headquartered in NJ. GovPilot’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is preloaded with all of the New Jersey state assessment records, home ownership information, property tax maps, digital flood maps, wet lands, census information and more. We are making this tool available to towns participating in the Sustainable Jersey program for free. Placing this digital map on the front page of a municipal website has been known to reduce constituent call volume and foot traffic.  Our GIS map can also be customized to display your community’s recycling schedule, locations of toxic sites and preserved open space, among other assets.  Here is an example. Find out how GovPilot can help your municipality go green by eliminating paper and replacing antiquated processes with digital automation, and get your free digital map loaded with several base layers by contacting Taseen Peterson, 201-222-1155,


Burbio is a free service that streams local school, library, government & nonprofit calendars in one place giving all residents the event information they need. Burbio's Digital Cities program allows a government or green team to bring Burbio to their town at no cost. Burbio allows your constituents to create a personal event feed by following your municipal calendar and calendars of other groups of interest within your town, add events to their digital calendar, and be notified when events change. In addition to a web service and mobile apps, all events on Burbio are on Amazon Alexa, and built for discovery in Google search so that events can be discovered by anyone in the region. To learn more about bringing Burbio to your town, contact



Opportunity Space offers municipalities that have real estate to sell, free access to our Marketplace tool that enables them to list available properties, receive inquiries & proposal submissions, and layer on economic development incentives. You can see an example of a partner city in action here.  Contact co-founder, Andrew Kieve at 857.366.1666,