TCNJ Center for Community Engaged Learning & Research

Opportunity for Volunteer Services


As part of the partnership between Sustainable Jersey and the Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research (CELR Center) at The College of New Jersey, we are pleased to announce an opportunity for Sustainable Jersey communities to enlist students from The College of New Jersey to support your municipality’s green team on a specific project that contributes to your Sustainable Jersey certification progress.

We are currently seeking municipalities that are interested in partnering with the Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research to have TCNJ students' volunteer services for one-day projects. Possible projects include:

  • Establishing and/or maintaining a community garden/raingarden
  • Removing invasive species from a park as part of a larger community improvement plan
  • Tree and shrub planting for reforestation and erosion control
  • Community asset mapping in neighborhoods
  • Assistance with an animal census for the Enhanced Licensing Compliance action
  • Spreading awareness about a green business recognition program to local businesses
  • Volunteer help needed for the current Roots for Rivers Reforestation Grant & Technical Assistance Program

Application Information

All applications should be completed online using the link below.  Please note the application must be completed in one sitting, and therefore it is recommended to review and prepare you answers ahead of time using the application information packet below.

Online Application Deadline: Monday, January 14, 2019 at midnight

Notifications will be made by Friday, January 25.  Municipalities may submit more than one proposal for different projects on different days.  This opportunity does not conflict with Sustainable Jersey Grant Program cycles

Project Dates

The project must be within an hour drive of The College of New Jersey and occur on one of the following days:


  • Saturday, March 2
  • Wednesday, March 6
  • Saturday, March 9
  • Wednesday, March 13
  • Wednesday, March 27
  • Saturday, March 30


  • Wednesday, April 3
  • Saturday, April 6
  • Wednesday, April 10
  • Saturday, April 13
  • Wednesday, April 17
  • Wednesday, April 24

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be registered with Sustainable Jersey AND have an active green team. Sustainable Jersey Certification is not required.  The proposed project must be related to Sustainable Jersey actions.

Selection Criteria

Four to six municipalities will be selected for this opportunity.  Municipalities will be selected for volunteer services based on on the criteria outlined below:

  • Projects must be no more than an hour drive from TCNJ's Ewing, NJ campus.  Projects farther than this are unlikely to be awarded.
  • The municipality is a Sustainable Jersey registered or certified community with an active green team.
  • The proposed project's impact on the community and on the TCNJ students.
  • The project team's readiness to complete the project in the required timeframe. 
  • The likelihood of success in implementing the project.

2017 Projects

Ewing Township

A group of about 20 Bonner Scholars and TCNJ students worked with the Ewing Community Garden Coordinators to prepare the Ewing Community Garden for spring planting. Coordinator Karen Serach commented on the day to give her thanks, “I just wanted to thank you and the TCNJ students who volunteered on Saturday. It was a successful morning and the energy and spirit of the students was appreciated by all of the member gardeners.”


hamilton township

A group of about 20 Bonner Scholars and TCNJ students worked with Rodney Richards of the Hamilton Environmental Commission to assist with a stream clean up in Hamilton. The day included many volunteers beyond TCNJ’s volunteers. Rodney Richards described the importance of the project, “Hamilton has about a dozen stream areas in varied types of neighborhoods, from small to large and flowing. Stream clean ups are critical to keep our streams clean and pristine, as wildlife, flora and fauna are affected poorly from poor quality streams.”

Madison Borough

Twenty Bonner Scholars and TCNJ students worked with Stephan Stocker of the Madison Environmental Commission on a wetlands and forest restoration project. The three main purposes of the project were to remove invasive species, re-plant with native species, and improve the Chatham Valley aquifer recharge.


All questions regarding the Sustainable Jersey-Bonner Institute Opportunity for Volunteer Services application should be directed to Victor Diehl at or 609-771-2548.