Grant Terms & Conditions

Sustainable Jersey Grant recipients are required to meet all the terms and conditions outlined in the grant application package. Use the links below to learn about the different grant terms and conditions.

Project Modifications

All grant recipients are required to submit a project modification proposal if there are significant changes to the scope of work or the original project budget.  A significant change in the project budget is defined as a greater than 10% reallocation from one major expense category to another (i.e., from salaries to equipment or supplies to subcontractor costs). All project modifications must be preapproved by Sustainable Jersey before the project continues.  All budget modifications should be submitted using the Revised Budget Template.

Some examples of project and/or budget modifications include:

Original Proposal Project/Budget Modification
A community garden project for which the majority of the grant proposal budget was allocated to materials and supplies.

The town received donations of materials and supplies from local businesses, so now the green team wishes to use a portion of the grant funds to hire a contractor to improve the irrigation system.

What we need: Explanation of the change in funding using the revised budget template as well as a description of what the contractor will be hired to do.

A curbside food waste collection program is planned for your town, with the goal to get 300 participants by the end of the year.

There has been a change in administration, and the municipality has shifted its goals and interests away from the curbside food waste collection program and would now like to create a natural resources inventory with the grant funds.

What we need: A new proposal that answers all of the questions from the original grant application and includes a revised budget is required.


Email your project and/or budget modifications to grants@sustainablejersey.comOnce approved you can move forward with the remainder of the project.


If you believe that your grant project will not be completed on time, you must request an extension.  This request should detail why an extension is needed and the date you anticipate the project will be completed. No cost time extensions are typically granted in 6 to 12 month increments and will be approved at the discretion of Sustainable Jersey. Additional extensions beyond one year of the final report due date will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Some reasons for extensions include:

  • Change in grant leadership that has led to a lapse in project execution.
  • Project timeline taking longer than expected.
  • Project/budget modifications that will impact project timeline.

Please submit extension requests by email to Sustainable Jersey will provided a written response to the request via email.

Reporting Requirements


$10,000 or Above Grant Recipients

All $10,000 or greater grant recipients are required to submit a nine-month interim report on their project to allow Sustainable Jersey to monitor progress.  A final report must be submitted by the end of the grant period. 

$2,000 Capacity Building Grant Recipients

All capacity grant recipients are required to submit a final report at the end of the grant period outlining how the funds were used.

NOTE: Failure to submit reporting documentation on time will make the recipient municipality ineligible to apply for future Sustainable Jersey grants.

For more information on the interim and final reports, view the Reporting Requirements page.

Project-Related Events

All grant recipients must notify Sustainable Jersey of any grant project related event so that media outreach can be coordinated with Sustainable Jersey and the appropriate funder.  The purpose of these events is to celebrate the municipality's accomplishment in completing the awarded grant project and to highlight the benefits of the Sustainable Jersey program.

For assistance with coordinating media events, contact Sustainable Jersey's Communications Director, Kristy Ranieri at 973-762-1510 or

2012 South Orange Village Electric Vehicle Chargers
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Please email any photos from events related to your grant project to

Sign Installation

Each municipal recipient is required to install a sign, or comparable recognition, indicating who the project was funded by, along with "Sustainable Jersey Grant."


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the your grant award project, reporting requirements, or the Grants Program please contact or by phone at 609-771-3189.