2017 Gardinier Environmental Fund Grant Recipients

Eleven Sustainable Jersey Grants Awarded to New Jersey Municipalities and Public School Districts for Sustainable Energy Projects.

On January 23, 2018, $150,000 was awarded through the Sustainable Jersey Grants program funded the Gardinier Environmental Fund.  These grants will support projects including an electric vehicle infrastructure, solar energy education, climate action plan, idle reduction study for police vehicles, energy efficiency upgrades to buildings, and more.

$30,000 Recipients

Recipient County Project
Jersey City Hudson Jersey City Climate Action Plan: Jersey City, along with its partners, will create a Climate Action Plan that is includes a municipal and community greenhouse gas inventory and recommendations for decreasing the City’s carbon footprint and energy usage. This project is crucial to the success of the City’s Year of Energy initiative focused on educating the public on energy consumption and catalyzing energy efficiency improvements across city government.
Holland Township Hunterdon Riegel Ridge Community Center Thermal Upgrade of Historic Windows: Fifty-six energy efficient interior storm windows will be installed at the Riegel Ridge Community Center, as recommended by the National Park Service to improve the energy efficiency in historic buildings.


$10,000 Recipients

Recipient County Project
Glen Rock Borough Bergen

Main Line Train Station: An energy efficiency assessment will be completed at the Glen Rock Main Line Train Station, a 112-year-old historically significant building that needs energy efficiency upgrades. This assessment will delineate how upgrades to existing electrical, mechanical and lighting heating and cooling systems will improve the accessibility to and environmental impact of the building.

Burlington City Burlington Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Following the adoption of a resolution stating that the City supports the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations as a means of promoting economic development, an EV charging station will be installed at the side of Lyceum Hall, the City’s art center.
Winslow Township School District Camden Solar Energy Education for Solar Powered School: A solar power generation monitoring kiosk will be installed in the school that will display real-time data from the solar panels located on the roof. Students will monitor how much energy is being generated and track fluctuations in solar power generation.
Readington Township School District Hunterdon Power Monitor Project: Wireless power monitors will be installed in schools and used by the Facilities Department and the Energy Efficiency Coordinator to further the district’s efforts to be more energy efficient. The monitors will also bolster the mobile energy labs used to educate students on energy.
Lawrence Township Public Schools Mercer Pedal and Produce with READ: Lawrence Township Public Schools will purchase Read & Ride Eco-Charger Bikes to teach students about power, energy and 'giving back' to the school while reinforcing the importance of sustainability. The bikes will make a cross-curricular connection with literacy, STEM and health and wellness.
South River Borough Middlesex A Convenient Electric Vehicle Charging Station: An electric vehicle (EV) charging station will be installed at the Municipal Parking Lot that is located adjacent to the South River Downtown area near Main Street. This location will allow for high utilization of the station by municipal staff, residents, businesses and travelers passing through the Borough.
Woodbridge Township Middlesex Idle Reduction Study for Idling Police Vehicles: An Idle Reduction Pilot Program will be implemented to reduce the idling emissions and fuel usage of police cars that monitor road construction projects. By law, the police must leave their cars on always. The program will use battery technology to keep the car running without using fuel.
Manasquan School District Monmouth Sustainability Education through Soofa Solar Charging:Soofa Solar Charging products will be installed on the connected campus of Manasquan High School/Manasquan Elementary School to be used as instructional tools. Each charging station is equipped with solar panels and Atlas software that will allow students to analyze data for STEM projects. That data will be used by the district green team to promote the expansion of this initiative throughout the Borough.
Howell Township Monmouth Howell Schools Flashing Light Sign Replacement: Four school speed limit flashing signs will be replaced with solar and LED alternatives that are more environmentally friendly and use less energy.