New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (NJCEP): Local Government Energy Audit (LGEA)

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All across New Jersey, residents and business owners are looking for ways to save energy and the environment. In order to understand how they can save, the Local Government Energy Audit (LGEA) Program allows local government agencies, state contracting agencies, public agencies, state colleges and state universities, and select non-profit agencies, to examine their facilities and see how they can improve their energy use. The program can help you identify cost-justified energy-efficiency measures, as well as subsidize the full cost of the audit.

In March 2016 a new program design was launched which provides a more streamlined process that eliminates the need for customers to develop an RFP and select an audit firm, as well as other previous requirements. This allows customers to move through the process much more quickly and with significantly less administrative burden. The entire audit process including customer assistance, application processing and auditing will be performed by TRC (the Program Administrator) for New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (NJCEP).


The LGEA Program targets buildings owned by many local government-related entities, New Jersey State Colleges and State Universities, and 501(c)(3) non-profit agencies. Such facilities may include, but are not limited to: offices, courtrooms, town halls, police and fire stations, sanitation buildings, transportation structures, schools and community centers.

Your Expense is Covered 

NJCEP will subsidize 100% of the cost of the audit, up to an incentive cap, so there are no out of pocket expenses associated with services provided under this program.

When your audit is complete, you'll have a list of recommended, cost-justified measures and facility upgrades that will help reduce operating expenses and, in many cases, improve the health and productivity of the buildings' occupants. Many of the recommended measures will be eligible for additional incentives available through the SmartStart Buildings, Direct Install and Pay for Performance programs.


The Excel LGEA Application Workbook fully details eligibility requirements and program guidelines.


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Program Guide             FAQs              View Completed Reports

If you do not see answers to your questions, please send an email to or call 866-NJSMART(657-6278)

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