Program Updates

On a continuous basis, through the help of the Task Forces, the Certification Committee reviews Sustainable Jersey program content and standards, considers and incorporates feedback on the program and ensure actions are up to date, appropriate and relevant to keep up with changing trends, information, and expertise. The committee is also responsible for reviewing, vetting, and approving/denying and proposed major action changes, new actions, or nominations for priority actions. Accordingly, Sustainable Jersey announces new program and action updates every year at the Annual New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference.

 Gold Star Standard

View the new Gold Star Standards in Energy and Waste - a new level of recognition for silver certified communities!  To learn more, click here.

Name Changes

Please note that all energy related actions previously under the Innovation & Demonstration Projects and Operations & Maintenance categories have been moved to the Energy category.

Action Category Name Changes

  1. Energy Efficiency → Energy
  2. Sustainability Planning → Sustainability & Climate Planning
    1. Sustainability & Climate Panning (sub category) → Community Sustainability Plan

Action Name Changes

  1. On-Site Solar System → Municipal On-Site Solar System
  2. Geothermal Energy System → Municipal Geothermal Energy System
  3. Wind → Municipal Wind Energy System

2018 New Actions - July

Land Use & Transportation

Enhanced Stormwater Management Control Ordinance: 10 to 30 Points

This action awards points to municipalities that adopt a Stormwater Management Control Ordinance that goes beyond state minimum requirements to improve water quality and reduce local flood risks.  There are three options for which towns can earn points.


Non-Expiring Actions with NEW Expiration Dates

For more detailed information about the previously non-expiring actions that now have an expiration date, please view the Master Action Tracking Spreadsheet, which provides each action's look back, approval period, and resubmission requirements.  Towns approved for these actions have received an expiration date in accordance with their certification expiration.


Previous Program Updates

View Sustainable Jersey's Previous Program Updates to learn more about the modifications made from 2009-2018.