Program Updates

On a continuous basis, through the help of the Task Forces, the Certification Committee reviews Sustainable Jersey program content and standards, considers and incorporates feedback on the program and ensure actions are up to date, appropriate and relevant to keep up with changing trends, information, and expertise. The committee is also responsible for reviewing, vetting, and approving/denying and proposed major action changes, new actions, or nominations for priority actions. Accordingly, Sustainable Jersey announces new program and action updates every year at the Annual New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference.

 Gold Star Standard

View the new Gold Star Standards in Energy and Waste - a new level of recognition for silver certified communities!  To learn more, click here.

Action Category Name Changes

  1. Energy Efficiency → Energy
  2. Sustainability Planning → Sustainability & Climate Planning
    1. Sustainability & Climate Panning (sub category) → Community Sustainability Plan

2018 New Actions

Emergency Management & Resiliency

Coastal Vulnerability Assessment: 20 Points (COMING SOON!)

Heat Island Assessment: 10 Points

By reducing the extent and magnitude of heat islands, municipalities can make their communities healthier, safer and more energy efficient.  This action awards points to municipalities that have assessed the Urban Heat Island effect, identified hot spots and developed strategies for mitigation.

Land Use & Transportation

Green Infrastructure Planning: 5 to 20 points

This action awards points to municipalities that have taken steps to better manage stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces that reduce flooding and improve water quality in streams.  Towns can complete green infrastructure planning at three levels: impervious cover assessment; green infrastructure action plan; green infrastructure strategic plan.

Green Infrastructure Implementation: 10 to 20 points

This action awards points to municipalities that have implemented green infrastructure in one of three levels: green infrastructure demonstration projects; green infrastructure action plan; green infrastructure strategic plan.


2018 Action Updates

Brownfields Inventory & Prioritization

Brownfields Inventory & Prioritization: 10 Points (COMING SOON!)

Brownfields Reuse Planning: 15 Points (COMING SOON!)

Brownfields Marketing: 10 Points (COMING SOON!)


Make Your town Electric Vehicle Friendly: 15 Points

This action includes updated guidance, best practices, and resources.

Local Economies

Green Business Recognition Program: 10 to 20 Points

The overall goals of this action remain the same, as does the maximum number of points that can be awarded.  The main difference is that now there are two performance tiers, instead of three.  Ten points will be awarded to a municipality that has its own recognition program and criteria with at least two businesses participating.  Twenty points will be awarded to a municipality that incorporates the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry (NJSBR) Program criteria into its program, requires participation in the NJSBR, and has at least three businesses participating.


Previous Program Updates

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