Program Updates

On a continuous basis, through the help of the Task Forces, the Certification Committee reviews Sustainable Jersey program content and standards, considers and incorporates feedback on the program and ensure actions are up to date, appropriate and relevant to keep up with changing trends, information, and expertise. The committee is also responsible for reviewing, vetting, and approving/denying and proposed major action changes, new actions, or nominations for priority actions. Accordingly, Sustainable Jersey announces new program and action updates every year at the Annual New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference.

Recently Retired Actions

  • Bulky Rigid Plastics, Carpet & Foam Padding and Shrink Wrap: All are now eligible for points under Non-Mandated Materials Recycling.
  • Complete Streets Program: The Adopt a Complete Streets Policy and Institute Complete Streets actions have replaced this action.
  • Construction Waste Recycling: Now eligible for points under the Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling action (formerly Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Ordinance).
  • Energy Audits and Implement Energy Efficiency Measures: The new Energy Efficiency for Municipal Facilities has replaced these two actions. Points can be earned under this action for energy audits and implementing energy efficiency measures.
  • Recycling Education & Enforcement: Now eligible for points under the Recycling and Waste Reduction Education and Compliance action.

Actions that are no longer eligible for points:

  • Education for Sustainability Programs
  • Energy Efficient Appliances or Equipment
  • High Performance Building
  • High Performance Building Portfolio
  • School-Based Energy Conservation Programs
  • Sustainable Energy Transition Plan


2017 New Certification Actions

Arts & Creative Culture

Municipal Commitments to Support Arts and Creative Culture: 5 - 25 Points

This action rewards municipalities for building a more welcoming environment for artistic and cultural activity through land use ordinances and other regulations, contractual relationships with cultural organizations, municipal ownership of spaces reserved for cultural and creative activities, tax abatements that help creative people live or work in the community, and art-specific strategies in the municipality's Master Plan.  Points are awarded based on the option(s) submitted.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency for Municipal Facilities: Points 5 to 50

This action is new in 2017. Previously, the points for completing an energy audit and taking steps to implement energy efficiency measures were achieved through two separate actions – Energy Audits and Implement Energy Efficiency Measures. These two actions have been retired. This action integrates all of the steps involved with implementing energy efficiency upgrades in municipal buildings.

Waste Management

Household Hazardous Waste: 5-15 Points

This action recognizes municipalities that create permanent household hazardous waste collection programs for two or more materials.  For 5 points, a municipality must have a collection program in place for two designated materials, and an additional 5 points can be earned for up to two other materials.

Recycling and Waste Reduction Education and Compliance: 15 to 20 Points (Priority action)

This action recognizes municipalities that have developed and implemented a comprehensive Recycling and Waste Reduction Education and Compliance Strategy for residents aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of recycling materials collected from residents, while reducing the amount of solid waste they generate. 


2017 Action Updates

Waste Management

Construction and Demolition Wast Recycling: 5 to 15 Points

The Construction Waste Recycling action (formerly under the Green Design category) was retired and municipal activity related to recycling its own construction and demolition waste was combined into this action. The action name was changed from “Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling Ordinance” to simply “Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling.” The action now addresses the recycling of construction and demolition waste from both municipal facilities and private sources.

Non-Mandated Materials Recycling: 5 to 60 Points

This action has been updated to consolidate the existing Bulky Rigid Plastics, Carpet & Foam Padding and Shrink Wrap actions under this action. In addition, the action was changed from a 10 point action to a variable point action thereby providing municipalities with the opportunity to earn more points for each non-mandated material recycled.


Previous Program Updates

View Sustainable Jersey's Previous Program Updates to learn more about the modifications made from 2009-2016.