Sustainable Business Leadership Award

This award recognizes New Jersey companies that demonstrate a significant commitment to the core sustainability principles of people, planet, and prosperity, along with strong support for values that the Sustainable Jersey program advances.

2018: Atlantic Health System

Atlantic Health System is an outstanding example of how a health care system can take sustainability and community responsibility seriously and contribute locally to improving the quality of life in New Jersey. Atlantic Health System is a member of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry, with five of its medical centers recognized. Their leadership has pursued recycling and energy saving policies from grassroots employee efforts to large-scale construction projects. They also have an employee green team that initiates eco-friendly projects throughout the healthcare system.


2018 Sustainable Business Leadership Award Recipient Atlantic Health System

2017: New Jersey American Water

New Jersey American Water is the largest water service provider in the state, serving approximately 2.7 million people in 190 communities. Five of their water treatment plants, have been nationally recognized with Directors Awards for participating in the U.S. EPA’s Partnership for Safe Water program. The plants earned this award for surpassing federal and state drinking water standards.

At the local level, New Jersey American Water is actively promoting environmental education through its Water Learning Center and Education Toolkit for students, as well as contributing each year to community events, activities and organizations that advance sustainability throughout its coverage area. New Jersey American Water is developing a Climate Resiliency Strategic Action Plan and their parent company, American Water, was at the forefront of environmental leadership when, in 2006, it became the first U.S. water or wastewater utility to join the EPA’s Climate Leaders program and subsequently the Carbon Disclosure Program.

2016: Prudential

As part of Prudential’s corporate social responsibility commitments, the company has focused on urban renewal and education in the City of Newark, which is where they are based. We recognize their work to support and implement Newark’s social and environmental actions that advance quality of life for all. Prudential has taken exemplary steps to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and has made a commitment to impact investment. Prudential has prioritized its understanding of climate and energy and is a signatory of the Geneva Association’s Statement on Climate Risk.

2015: Bristol Myers Squibb

When it comes to environmental stewardship, Bristol-Myers Squibb is a leader. The company has increased its efforts to preserve natural resources, focus on opportunities to reduce packaging and save energy and water. From 2009 to 2012, Bristol-Myers Squibb reduced its total annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 28,000 metric tons. They established a Water Council to assess and implement projects to reduce water use. A few examples of Go Green innovations at Bristol-Myers Squibb include: Promoting Green Chemistry, Using Alternative Energy, Greening their Fleets and Facilities, Conserving Land and Helping Threatened Species. Bristol-Myers Squibb also funded a Green Schools Fellowship to help New Jersey School Districts create healthier, more sustainable learning environments. This fellow was placed at the New Jersey School Boards Association and helped support the development of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program in addition to other initiatives.

2014: Bayshore Recycling

Bayshore Recycling (Bayshore) is an award-winning leader in the recycling industry and champion for the environment, reintroducing materials into the economic mainstream while reducing the volume of material deposited in New Jersey’s landfills. The Company is a model of sustainability.  One of the most dynamic, vertically integrated recycling facilities in the country, Bayshore recycles just about everything.

Energy conservation and renewable energy are central to the company’s business plans. In 2008, Bayshore installed a rooftop solar energy system that assists in powering the soil operation. Bayshore plans to add wind, additional solar, tidal and biomass to energy portfolio as it pursues its corporate vision of operating 100% green businesses powered 100% by renewable energy.

Beyond the day-to-day management of the largest recycling company in New Jersey, Bayshore is dedicated to corporate responsibility, sound environmental management and sustainability.  Valerie Montecalvo and senior members of the Bayshore staff sit on the Boards of Directors or management teams of 14 external organizations at the National, State, County and Local levels, as well as in the non-profit community.  As an example, Valerie has served as President of the National Construction & Demolition Recycling Association for the past two years.  Gary Sondermeyer, VP of Bayshore Operations leads Sustainable Jersey’s Waste Management Task Force which has made a significant contribution to Sustainable Jersey’s certification actions.