Sustainable Jersey Annual Awards

Each year Sustainable Jersey presents awards in six categories: Sustainability Champions, Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, Collaboration, Rookie of the Year and Sustainable Business Leadership. Award winners are selected from the municipalities that were certified or recertified in the designated award year. 

Sustainability Champions

This award recognizes municipalities that have attained the highest number of points in the Sustainable Jersey certification program this year in three population categories.

Creativity & Innovation Award

This award recognizes a forward-thinking municipality that supports a culture of creativity and innovation as it implements new approaches to solving problems.

Collaboration Award

This award recognizes municipal green teams that have advanced sustainability by building strong partnerships.

Rookie of the Year Award

This award recognizes a municipality that remained committed to achieving certification despite challenges along the way

Mayor Art Ondish Leadership Award

This award recognizes the leader of a model sustainable jersey town, providing ideas, policy support, and the necessary resources for their green team to achieve significant success towards sustainability at the local level.

Sustainable Business Leadership Award

This award recognizes New Jersey companies that demonstrate a significant commitment to the core sustainability principles of people, planet, and prosperity, along with strong support for values that the Sustainable Jersey program advances.