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Sustainability rests on a foundation of democratic decision making and building strong governance capacity that is commensurate to the scale of our sustainability challenges.  Sustainable Jersey’s Public Information & Engagement (PIE) initiative aims to provide our government leaders with a new tool box that will help them modernize and change the way that they provide key services, manage data and information, and engage with citizens on public decisions. 

PIE attempts to assist towns in enhancing the following areas:

  • Providing ways for decision makers to more robustly engage with citizens around quality of life decisions

  • Increasing public access to municipal information by providing essential details on proposals being considered by the governing body and planning/zoning boards, and sharing high demand public information in easy to find locations and usable formats

  • Creating efficiencies by allowing typical public service functions to be carried through online

  • Strategic planning of communications so that municipal governments more broadly reach the public with important news

Learn more about our PIE Task Force HERE.


Do you send residents updates & news through an array of traditional and digital communication tools?  Does your website allow the public to request municipal services, pay bills or report problems online?  Can special needs residents sign up with Register Ready to receive important notifications during emergencies?  These are some of the ways that your town can receive points with our Public Information & Engagement actions. These can be found on our Actions page.

View an overview presentation on our most recent actions. Download a list of our PIE actions with descriptions here.

PIE Tech Tools Available for Your Town

Check out our comprehensive online Sustainable Jersey's PIE Solution Catalog, a public database of almost 100 government and civic technology tools associated with government transparency, communications and public engagement, and relates directly to our PIE actions.


Technical Assistance & Education

We are committed to providing the necessary resources and technical assistance to help municipalities incorporate innovative technologies to implement our PIE actions. In early 2017 we hosted the two-month civic tech competition, Coding for Community where we brought municipalities together with teams of techies to develop solutions to local needs. Get details on the submitted projects & winners here.

Read about the PIE Technology Assessments conducted in 2017 in two pilot communities here

Stay informed on upcoming related webinars & trainings through our events calendar.

Free Tools & Resources

Sustainable Jersey has tapped into the nonprofit and private sector to bring resources that can assist your community in implementing the PIE actions.   For more information, click here.

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 Recent blog posts and news articles to give you a more rounded view of this initiative:

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