Energy Program

Sustainability covers a wide range of topics vital to the long term viability and quality of life of the state and our communities.  Energy is a key element component of Sustainable Jersey’s municipal and school certification programs. A major portion of the Energy Program’s efforts is to keep the portfolios of energy related in line with changing conditions and best practices.

Certification Program Actions

The energy program covers all disciplines that combine to provide a more sustainable approach to energy through building efficiency, renewable energy, advanced infrastructure (storage, distributed generation, resiliency) and alternative vehicles (particularly electric fueled vehicles). 

Actions are developed with the help of an active Energy Task Force. The task force is charged with identifying changes to, and expansions of the energy action portfolios.

  • To view the municipal actions, click HERE.  
  • To view the school actions, click HERE.

Research & Technical Guidance

The Energy Program has produced a variety of cutting edge documents to help municipalities and schools understand their energy options in New Jersey, so that they remain on the cutting edge of the latest technology in the 21st century. To view these documents, click HERE.


New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJ BPU) was one of the founding partners of the Sustainable Jersey program. New Jersey's Clean Energy Program (NJ CEP) has a variety of opportunities available for municipalities, and one goal of the Sustainable Jersey Energy Program is to assist municipalities with using the NJCEP program effectively.  Some of the actions the Energy Program and NJCEP can assist with are Energy Tracking and Management; Energy Efficiency in Municipal Facilities; Commercial Energy Efficiency Outreach; and Residential Energy Efficiency Outreach.