New Jersey Based and Consensus Driven

Sustainable Jersey developed and continues to expand a menu of actions that are worth points toward certification. The actions are developed though a transparent participatory process. To develop the actions, the program supports a large policy coordination process that brings state agencies, universities, government, non-profit organizations, businesses, stakeholders and experts together to define standards and devise incentives for New Jersey municipalities. 


To create the actions, a Sustainable Communities Working Group (SCWG) of over 150 New Jersey leaders was created. The SCWG began meeting in 2007 and is now divided into twenty-two topical Task Forces that do research and disseminate best practices, translate global and state imperatives into local actions, test sustainability planning models and develop community resources. The recommended best practices and actions are vetted with local government officials.

The actions are updated on a continuous basis. Each of the Task Forces is asked to:

  • Ensure that the actions are up to date and consistent with evolving government programs and science
  • Receive feedback from the municipalities and make improvements
  • Identify obstacles to implementation that come from regulatory, financial or other conditions that can be changed
  • Engage substantive research and policy development to produce new actions and best practices that are cutting edge.